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Araize offers comprehensive training on all FastFund Online systems by our support staff who are experts in nonprofit accounting, fundraising and payroll. Get up and running in just under an hour so you can devote more time to manage your nonprofit mission. We offer remote desktop training so you can learn anywhere, eliminating expensive travel costs. Our hands-on learning experience is customized to meet your unique needs and designed to increase your knowledge and skills where you need it most. Training is typically broken down into multiple 1-2 hour sessions to focus on the steps needed to get your company set up properly and to give you the time to absorb the training lesson and prepare for the next session. For example, a typical four hour training session for FastFund Accounting would be broken down into the following sessions over the course of a week.

  • One hour - System set up
  • One hour - Confirm data files are set up properly and review transaction entry
  • One hour - Confirm transactions are entered properly and review reports
  • One hour - Advanced reporting and custom filtering

The advantage of breaking down training into multiple sessions is it will give you the opportunity to work with the system after each session, compile questions for the next session and avoid the inevitable brain overload when trying to cram training into one marathon session.

Training is $100 per hour.

Free Webinars

Araize conducts free weekly webinars for licensed users that cover the functions and procedures of the FastFund Online system. These 15 -30 minute webinars are designed to increase your knowledge, improve your productivity, teach you new tricks and skills. The webinar series are conducted via Internet connection and telephone conference call. Topics are repeated on a regular basis.

YouTube Training Videos

Visit the Araize YouTube channel which contains short training videos featuring valuable insights into Nonprofit Financial Management and FastFund Training Tutorials.

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